Serenity Flyers RC Club
AMA Charter #5094

Greetings from Serenity Flyers RC Club

  AMA Charter # 5094

We are a five member friends and family club that sought an AMA charter last year as a foundation to build, maintain and operate a new RC flying field in north Clark County, WA.  The field, situated atop a 60 acre farm, features two 260' long intersecting 15' wide fabric runways and a 30 X 200 grass strip.  A very low tolerance here for short approaches or late touchdowns,  it has taught us all to hit the paint.  An added feature at the site is the ability to slope soar when the prevailing W-N winds come up in the afternoon that make you want to put your foamie back in the truck.   The founding club members are all relative newcomers to the hobby and Serene Hills Air Park was generally conceived as a learning and practice facility.  While it is clearly not your typical beginners' field on first impression,  calm mornings and the quiet country setting contribute to a relaxed learning environment.   And if you're just looking to carve up some empty skies with a few good friends or practice touch and go's until you get tired this might be the place.  With few exceptions for farming operations, the field is open to visitors daily from dawn to dusk.  Fuel/Gas powered aircraft hours 9:00AM-6:00PM.

Several of our guests this year have expressed an interest in Serenity Flyers membership.  While we are not ready to increase the voting members just yet,  we do consider anyone with a current AMA card an Associate Member with unlimited guest access to the field.  There are no dues or fees;  our club is a non-profit organization.  We do have a contribution jar at the field for those that wish to help us offset the costs of maintenance and future improvements.  In any case, we are excited to move forward with the site this year.   We are pleased to offer an alternative flying site on occasions for those willing to take a drive to La Center and give Serene Hills Air Park a try.  If you're visiting for the first time,  please make an appointment with our Safety Coordinator for a  quick briefing  about fly-areas and general info.  Contact him at:

                          360  903-7401 or email at  Safety.Coordinator@SerenityFlyers.Org

We look forward to flying with you!

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